Version 1.1 is now available!

We're happy to announce that QScheduler version 1.1. is now available. In this update you'll get some new features as well as overall improvements.


Graphs and stats

Get useful statistics on your shop flow. Show things like the number of incoming or outgoing cars per day, vehicles in progress by job class and vehicles entering each department.


The in process graph shows you how many vehicles are in your shop each day.

The in process graph shows you how many vehicles are in your shop each day.

To access your stats, open the View menu and select 'Show stats' or press Control-G. These graphs will use the due dates that were calculated or set for each vehicle. So you'll want to make sure your shop allowances are accurate in order to get the best data here!

Daily production

The Daily Production schedule allows you to see what vehicles are hitting a department each day. In this dialog you can reorder the blocks how you want and can mark them with a checkmark when they are completed.

To open the Daily Production schedule, open the View menu and select 'Show daily schedule' or press Control-D.

Buffer days

Buffer days is a new job class setting. This is number of days between the shop target date and the promise date for the customer. For express jobs you can set this to zero for same day delivery. For heavier job classes you could set this to a couple days if you want more leeway.

Summit integration

Integration with the Summit CRS management system is now complete! Export your jobs to QScheduler for scheduling and then get your scheduled dates back into Summit.

improved stability

We've improved stability and dependability across the board in the new version. 

update now!

We recommend all QScheduler users update to the newest version. This way you can take advantage of new features, increased usability and stability.


Let us know what you think!