Quick Start

Welcome to QScheduler! This guide will walk you through how to setup and start using QScheduler.



First thing you'll need to do is install QScheduler. Checkout the download page for the most recent installer. Run the installer to get QScheduler on your workstations.




First time you run QScheduler on a workstation you'll need to enter your product key and IP Address. Press the Setup button on the login screen.


Here you will enter the 5 digit product key provided to you. 


For shops in the United States, the correct IP Address should already be there. The IP Address for shops in the United States is


Canadian shops will need to enter the IP Address: Canadian shop data is hosted on Canadian servers only.


Once your product key and IP Address have been entered, your shop location(s) will appear on the login screen. Select your desired location from the drop down box.


QScheduler has one user by default: 'admin'. On a new install it will have no password. Enter the username 'admin' now and press login.


First, we'll want to go over some of the Settings in QScheduler. To get to the Settings window, press the Edit menu above the Search bar in the top left and select Settings

Manage Users

Select the User tab in the Settings window. Here is where you can add, remove and edit users.

The admin user account can't be removed but you can change its password. We recommend that you change the password now. These settings are stored on the server so you'll only need to set them up once.


Users have a username, password and privileges. The username and password are what you will enter on the login screen. 

Privileges are as follows:

  • Read Only - User can't add, remove, edit or schedule jobs. User cannot access the Settings window.
  • Normal - User can do everything except access the Settings window. 
  • Admin - User can do everything. This account can change all settings.


Note: If QScheduler is installed for multiple shop locations, these users are shared between all locations.

Setup workstationS

For each workstation, you'll want to setup the EMS paths so you can import estimates. In the Settings window, click on the EMS tab up top.

Set your EMS import paths here for all estimating systems that you want to import from.


Job class Setup

Read our setup guide for more information on Setting up your Job Class capacity and other settings.

Get started!

Read our guide on the Basics to learn how to use QScheduler.