Built on Lean principles

QScheduler was built from the ground up around lean principles that have been catered to the Autobody industry. Now it is easier than ever to implement a Continuous Flow process in your shop. 

No whiteboards, magnets or velcro required! 

QScheduler features an easy to learn and simple to use drag and drop interface. This is used to give you a birds eye view of your workload and schedule. Keep the visual indicators you are used to but gain the flexibility to meet the changing requirements of your shop in the future.

Cloud based

QScheduler is in the cloud! View the production schedule and load of any shop in your network from anywhere in the world. You'll get updated in real time to any changes.

Repair planning

QScheduler includes visual indicators for for the current Parts and Disassembly status on a job. This allows you to track your progress through the repair planning process. When your job is ready, classify it and then drop it into the schedule where it fits.

Easy integration

Any management system (or none) will work with QScheduler. Import estimates from Audutex, CCC and Mitchell or add new jobs yourself.